Healthcare facilities

Your healthcare mission designed

Healthcare facilities require some of the most unique attributes of all modern architecture. And with buildings that typically such diverse populations, it is important that the mission of your organization be communicated from the biggest spaces to the smallest details.  

In choosing Kluber Architects and Engineers, you gain a partner with progressive vision and experience in the healthcare space to ensure that your organization mission is brought to life. 

We understand the tenets of Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and how principles such as these that are revolutionizing the healthcare experience for everyone. 

Collaborative discovery process

WE begin as partners to your organization by engaging your leadership in a uniquely collaborative, integrated process of discovery and documentation. Then our dedicated team of healthcare specialists incorporates your principles and values in every aspect of your building plan and appearance. 

Mission based. And budget-wise.

With cost pressures impacting so much of the healthcare industry and its decision-making process, it is our job to help you deliver on the promise of great patient care while enhancing efficiency and effectiveness at every level in your organization. Our clients  look to us to for facility in keeping with the rapidly changing face of medical practice ranging from team functionality to technology integration and modular consultation.  

And if your healthcare organization of system is looking for ways to anticipale costs and management required maintenance, Kluber specializes in facility maintenance plans that can help you manage expense and extend the functional lifetime of your facilities. . 

Attention to detail and the Big Picture. 

With every fproject it is critical to have a comprehensive grasp of codes and development guidelines at every level of government to gain approval and maintain progress. Our experience and attention to detail keeps your schedule and the Big Picture in mind. We invite you to choose Kluber not only for the quality of facilities we create, but for the qualities of our people and how we engage with your healthcare organization.

For more than three decades that is how we’ve built trust and solid relationships with our clients. Our first priority is helping your healthcare organization make great decisions and bring your mission to life. 


Examples of Our Healthcare Organization Architecture

Bloomington Office
2401 East Washington Street
Bloomington, Illinois 61704
Chicago Office
222 South Riverside Street Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Aurora Office
10 South Shumway Avenue
Batavia, Illinois 60510
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