Corporate/Industrial Architecture

When you develop or manage facilities in the corporate/industrial space, the factors that define your needs are obviously specific to your line of business. That’s where the diversity and experience of a firm like Kluber Architects and Engineers come into play. 

On target consultation

We partner with our corporate and industrial clients in a uniquely collaborative discovery process to identify needs and objectives. From structural and mechanical assessments on the engineering side to the architectural style and design of the building, our team of highly experienced architects and engineers works directly with your stakeholders to ensure all objectives are identified and fulfilled. 

Planning needs and changes

You can count on the same attention to detail when facilities need to be repurposed, enhanced or expanded. Kluber offers facility planning services to help you determine solutions that best meet your budget and objectives. Our clients utilize facilities maintenance plans to plan purchases and schedule required maintenance. That helps your organization avoid unbudgeted expense and make wise bottom-line decisions about needed upkeep and vital upgrades. 

You gain efficiencies

In partnering with Kluber, you also gain the efficient of a staff experiencing in understanding municipal codes and development guidelines at the local, state or federal level. Knowing the inside-outs of these critical processes can guide your project through channels of compliance with confidence. 

Long-term relationships

The relationships we build with our corporate and industrial clients typically last for years. That’s because our holistic approach is founded on the commitment to develop the full and healthy life of your building. You gain a partner focused on providing insight and support through every step of design, development or maintenance. That’s how we’ve built trust with our clients for more than three decades, with comprehensive advice to ensure that your corporate or industrial facilities meet your needs and perform to the highest standards possible.  

Examples of Our Corporate/Industrial Projects

Bloomington Office
2401 East Washington Street
Bloomington, Illinois 61704
Chicago Office
222 South Riverside Street Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60606
Aurora Office
10 South Shumway Avenue
Batavia, Illinois 60510
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