Central Park Place

Naperville, Illinois
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Central Park Place

Located in a prominent location within downtown Naperville, Central Park Place is anchored around the 1890s Nichols Library building which is registered as a local landmark. The building style is in keeping with the noted features of nearby downtown buildings.

The Central Park Place project is a four story mixed use development with a basement level dedicated to parking for the onsite residents. The ground floor will provide commercial / retail spaces with the upper levels consisting of up to 21 residential condominium spaces with access to roof as an outdoor space for residents. The underground parking garage with include 28 spaces and 14 alley-level parking spots. The rooftop would be available as a resident amenity.

The project has been designed to incorporate the original Nichols Library building in its existing location on the site. The new building structure has been set back from the original structure to preserve a sense of the scale of the existing structure as well as the stepping back of the new building façade to expand the view of the Library from the view of the front the building. The space to the south of the original structure will allow for the existing roof to maintain the hipped roof form and provide a reveal between the building forms. This reveal will also serve as an accessible entry to the interior of the Library and the guest entry to the upper level residential spaces. A building section drawing has been included on the following pages which illustrates the stepping back of the building structure to the east of the Library structure.

The new building structure is designed to complement the original Library. The facades are varied in order to break up the building into what appears as a multi-building street scape. Proposed are several different colors of brick and varied detailing on each of the building forms including stone banding, stepped cornices and bay window forms. The base of the building will be cast stone with the upper floors being clad in thin-brick veneer. The upper level windows are all residential in scale in keeping with the traditional style of the original Library structure. This level of detailing will be done on all sides of the building.

Historic Nichols Library

The Historic Nichols Library is located at 110 S. Washington St. in downtown Naperville, Illinois. The building was built in the 1960s and is over 120 years old. As part of the redevelopment, the existing limestone structure will stay intact and be apart of the new development.

As part of the process, the library will also have parts of the structure restored or repaired. Restoration of the original structure is important.  Plans for the library include, tuckpointing and repairs to the existing brick and stone, repairs to the wood facia and soffits, repairs and replacement of the existing roof and replacement of the existing windows with like-style window units. The main entry door will be replaced with a replica door unit that meets current building codes and the interior vestibule will also be expanded to meet current codes with the existing mosaic tile floor incorporated into the new vestibule space. The main entry steps will be reconstructed and will lead to a proposed outdoor plaza which will provide for a potential outdoor seating space for the future tenant of this area of the building.

While the goal is to make the Library structure an integrated element of the development, the use of the internal space is undetermined at this time.

This is a tremendous process that we’ve gone through with a really awesome result Mark Urda

Historic Preservation Commission Member, City of Naperville

I feel that the new design elements actually enhance and actually make old Nichols stand out. Trying to hold some of the old elements with the new is what’s going to make this project unique and special. Kamala Martinez

Historic Preservation Commission Member, City of Naperville

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