Kluber Architects + Engineers is honored to be working with the School District 308 G.O.A.L. and Opportunity School programs to create a new home for these district programs which provide specialized educational programming for students with disabilities, educational, and behavioral needs.

GOAL_Logo3The project is based on the re-purposing of the current Brokaw Early Childhood Center to accommodate their specific program needs. The existing Brokaw facility design is based on a “village concept” of four groups of five classrooms clustered around a common space. We have re-applied this building concept to the G.O.A.L. and Opportunity School programs by utilizing the classroom groupings to accommodate the different age groups that will be housed within the building. The four villages will be designated for G.O.A.L., elementary, junior high, and high school age students. The design of the renovations has included the creation of smaller classroom settings, support spaces, and meeting spaces for staff and parents. The project also includes the addition of a gymnasium space to offer an area for physical education and a vocational lab space.

We are excited about the Vocation Lab space which is designed to be a flexible space that can accommodate multiple working groups, with flexible work tables, storage spaces, available power, computer work stations, and clean up sinks. The uses of the space is based on the Practical Assessment Exploration System curriculum which focuses on work and life skill training, vocational work assessment, work exploration, appropriate work behavior development, data collection and student reporting, and an accurate description of student performance and employment potential.

When completed the facility will provide the students being served by these programs and the special teachers and staff that work with these students a place that is specifically designed to support their needs.

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