Kluber helps your team collect project planning information by communicating with stakeholders to identify needs and move your project in the right direction. 

Every public works facility is a shifting beehive of year-round activity. That means success in planning a new facility is built on an understanding of what everyone needs to do their job. We help you gather that vital information. 


  • Conduct inventory of overall equipment assets
  • Get as much asset stock “under roof”
  • Protect equipment from rust and corrosion, extending useful life of essential capital assets.
  • Maximize mobility and effective response time for all departments.
  • Structure site for material management including heavy equipment traffic
  • Plan for equipment cleaning and service, on-site or off-site maintenance
  • Maximize space using vertical and horizontal matrix
  • Respect and serve the human component by helping people do their job safely and to their best ability

PUBLIC WORKS EXPERTISE Our work in the government and public works sector testifies to the thoroughness of our discovery process and how it delivers on the promise of facilities that enhance your community. Kluber brings diverse experience in multiple fields of architectural design to public works facility design. Insights from facility design in education, healthcare, and government projects feed fresh perspective into the public works discovery process.

Contact us about your plans for public works facilities. We welcome your calls, and have staff dedicated to your public works project.

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