Education Sector Approach

Educational success depends on teams working together to achieve organizational goals. That’s true when planning facilities to meet program objectives as well. Collaboration is key in determining the cross-functional needs of students, faculty and administration. 

Time to collaborate!

To help you meet these objectives, Kluber Architects and Engineers partners with your organization to engage in a uniquely collaborative, integrated discovery process. Our staff includes three Recognized Educational Facility Planners certified through the Association for Learning Environments. This dedicated level of expertise offers insight to how design directly impacts learning experiences for students.

Enhance Student Achievement 

We share your commitment to enhancing student achievement and increasing their opportunities to learn. Our goal is to ensure that your educational facilities excel as a place where teachers and students feel comfortable, safe and optimally engaged. Whether you plan on developing new facilities, enhancing existing buildings or repurposing properties, Kluber offers extensive experience across this spectrum of needs. 

Assessing the Value and Usefulness of Facilities

If you are looking to assess the value and usefulness of existing facilities under your management,  Kluber excels in helping educational leaders determine best options for facilities, based on the institution’s mission and budget. The Kluber team will provide you with vital insights on the value and potential of every facility, a key measurement when communicating expectations and obligations to stakeholders, taxpayers and all those who support the goals of your institution.

Make Great Decisions Together

We believe in putting your needs first in every aspect of our relationship with your organization. This is how we’ve built the trust of our clients for more than three decades. We’re well-prepared to help your educational institution make great decisions that promote student achievement on every front.

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