As Oswego East High School interns, we are fortunate to have been exposed to the integrated design approach at Kluber Architects + Engineers. The experience has been both exciting and eye opening. In October of 2012, we began working with and learning from the architects and engineers of the firm. We have been impressed by the professionalism and high quality design developed by all the employees at Kluber. We also truly appreciate everyone’s patience and willingness to teach aspiring architects.

Our internship experiences have given us even more respect for the professional work done by architects and engineers. We have learned that in order to be a successful architect, one needs to have a passion for design and a commitment and dedication to create a superior product. We want to thank everyone at Kluber for taking the time out of their schedule to give us a great intern experience. We will never forget the wonderful staff at Kluber Inc. and the great learning opportunity we have had as interns.

Ricardo’s Viewpoint:  For the last month, my work has been focused on two projects. My favorite project has been the development of directional banners used to differentiate various wings in the Oswego East High School expansion. The project involved meetings to establish communication on desired plans, brainstorming ideas, creating drafts, sharing samples, creating options, and finalizing proposals. My hope is that the banners designed are accepted and displayed throughout the halls of Oswego East High School. It would give me great pride to know that I helped design a focal point for such a great organization.

Another interesting project was redesigning an office floor plan from a large office space to a smaller one. This was a beneficial experience because we got to work hands on with the project and were given the opportunity to complete a task that architects may encounter in their career. One of the best parts was getting feedback from all the architects and learning how we could better layout our floor plans.

Tyler’s Viewpoint:  My time at Kluber Architects + Engineers has been quite an experience and one I will never forget. During my time with Kluber I was exposed to a variety of aspects from the careers of architecture and engineering. I saw firsthand how and what activities take place in the daily life of architects and engineers. One of my first activities that I completed was creating a floor plan. In this particular activity I was given the scenario in which an accounting office building wanted to down size their current office space and my job was to refit this accounting office into the smaller space. I was to keep all the original spaces and amenities of the previous space along with adding some extra but minor spaces, such as a coat and janitor closets. Being introduced to some tools of the trade, including an architect’s scale and trace paper, helped me with my floor plan design. My takeaway from this activity was exposure to spatial management, logical thinking and problem solving in order to complete the task at hand.

By Ricardo and Tyler, Oswego East High School Student Interns

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