Health and Life Sciences at Elgin Community College

The Health and Life Sciences Building at ECC is an award winning design built around the special needs of a state-of-the-art education and training facility. The building’s striking appearance and unique programming structure is earning multiple awards from the architectural and construction industries and high praise from the community, students, faculty, and graduates for the exceptional educational experience that the program provides.

The documentary video tells the story of how the Health and Life Sciences building is positively impacting the school, its students, and its graduates. A team of student videographers produced the film and featured interviews with staff and students describing their outstanding learning experience at ECC. The project was led by Mario Mercado, one of the leading videography students at ECC, in collaboration with chairs Rick Rodriguez and Tim Kaar. Kluber A + E provided professional oversight for the project.

American Schools & Universities Magazine recognized the building with its Outstanding Design Award while Learning By Design Magazine included it in its Award of Excellence category, stating in its article about the award, “A flagship edifice, the facility features a central three-story glass atrium meant to be a glittering ’magnet’ by day and a glowing beacon by night, drawing newcomers to its entrance.”

In addition to the American Schools & Universities and Learning by Design awards, the building also earned recognition for LEED Silver Certification for Sustainability and the CISCO Project of the Year award for construction.

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