One of the most important aspects of success is creating a strong team with solid leadership. The size of the team can be of little importance if the makeup of the team and its leadership work. I was reminded of this during my recent head coaching experience with the Tri-City Charger Youth Football Association (TCYFA) as head coach of one of the 3rd and 4th grade teams. A strong, well-led team will overcome adversity and do what it takes to complete the task.

As a football team, we successfully went through the entire season with only 13 kids. In total, we only had six out of 40 practices where we did not have 100% attendance. Not one child missed a game and not one child had an injury that kept him from participating. This speaks volumes about the leadership of the TCYFA, parents and coaches, as well as the commitment and dedication of the kids that formed the team. As with all youth sports, we had many success stories and had our share of challenges, but that never changed the overall focus of our team–have fun and always improve.

Kluber Architects + Engineers is no exception. In response to a downturn in the 2008 economy, we formed a solid team of elite professionals that work together to ensure quality and value for our clients. The combined experience of our staff exceeds 175 years. That gives our team unique experiences to draw from. Pair that with the incredible talent and that enables us to overcome today’s project challenges. The mindset of our team is that no project is too large or too small. An “all hands on deck” office of a fully-integrated group of architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical and plumbing engineers that collectively work together allows Kluber Architects + Engineers to react quickly and effectively to the various challenges that all projects present.

As we move into 2013, the outlook for our firm is growth through industry leadership. Having recently completed a new Strategic Plan, we know the importance of strong leadership, a cohesive team, and being entangled with our clients to produce results that exceed client expectations. We see growth within our organization that further enables us to better serve our current clients and to open new doors for opportunities just now being envisioned. As a member of the firm in 2013, I look forward to strengthening our position within the Chicagoland area and helping to move the ball down the field with my teammates.

By Jeff Bruns, Structural Engineer (SE, SECB, LEED AP)

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