Engineering in the Shadows

Recently Forrest Thayer, an engineering student from Cedarville University, shadowed Mike Kluber and wrote reflections about his experience and how it provided a window to his future as an engineer. His diary of the day is featured below.

Why an Integrated Firm is Better

I physically sit among engineers - sandwiched between two structural, a mechanical and an electrical to be exact.  Just feet away are architects and office staff and we are all within earshot of each other.  I'll be honest, at first this open concept was...

On Being an Architect

Whenever I go to a party and someone asks, "what do you do?" and I say that I am an architect the response is typically, "that is really cool" or "I had once considered being an architect myself." However, the profession of architecture is widely not understood by the...

Back to School and a Lesson in Learning Styles

One of the most important and fundamental ideologies for effectively and successfully educating ourselves and our children is the concept of learning styles. Over the years there have been many models of learning styles postulated. All have parallels to one another, but they all describe and categorize the internal and external stimuli that affect one’s ability to assimilate and synthesize information.

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