David G Dominguez Municipal Center

Johnsburg, Illinois

Kluber Architects + Engineers has been selected to perform Program Validation and Schematic Design for the Village of Johnsburg for their David G. Dominguez Municipal Center. The Village of Johnsburg is exploring expanding the existing Village Hall to accommodate future administration and police department space needs.

During the first phase of this project, Kluber is working with Owner representatives and end-users to validate the Program for the building, develop a preliminary budget and produce a Schematic Design for the facility.


Village of Johnsburg

Project Type

Space Planning

Services Provided

Civil Engineering – HR Green

Project Details

This project includes the interior and exterior renovation of the existing Village Hall, totaling 4,065 square feet in floor area, plus the new building addition totaling 10,683 square feet in floor area. The existing facility will house the Village Administration offices, and will include new interior finishes, exterior signage, stone masonry veneer, and laminiated shingles for the roofing areas.

The new building addition will contain:

  • A public lobby and reception desk
  • A new board room
  • Additional conference rooms
  • Public Toilet rooms
  • Police department operations
  • Police department administrative and patrol office spaces
  • Holding cells
  • Interview rooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Storage garage

Additional site improvements also include a new secured parking lot, full foundation landscaping improvements, and possibly enhanced security/surveillance systems.

Construction Timing

Construction is expected to begin in Spring of 2021, with a completion date of early 2022.

Corporate Office
41 W. Benton Street
Aurora, Illinois 60506

Chicago Office
222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1500
Chicago, Illinois 60606

Bloomington Office
2401 East Washington Street, Suite 200-B2
Bloomington, Illinois 61704