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Warren Township Life Center Arial View
Project Details

Located in Lake County Illinois, Warren Township is home to over 64,000 people spanning across 6 separate cities. The Township provides many services to its residents, including a dedicated community center that offers various resources such as engaging playgrounds and a senior lifestyle center for area locals.

Kluber Architects + Engineers was proud to prepare an expansion concept for Warren Township’s Senior Center in order for the Township to better serve its residents. The newly renovated facility is now home to several community services, predominantly utilized by local seniors. From fitness rooms to improved office suites, the renovation is a breath of fresh air for both community members and Township administration.

Project Overview

The goal of the Warren Township Senior Center expansion was to provide additional resources and space to seniors in the area who actively seek a place to gather, improve their health, or socialize with other residents. Project Manager Chris Hansen worked closely with Warren Township to ensure its facility served the residents of the community for years to come.

Kluber Architects + Engineers kept all these desires in mind when preparing the expansion concept, which included:

  • Approximately 13,633 square feet of building additions
  • 1,465 square feet of main level building renovations
  • Converting a 416 square foot existing fitness room to a storage room
  • A hallway extension of approximately 120 square feet to access new storage room

The original Township Center had limited program offerings due to space constraints. By expanding the facility, new programs were able to be offered. This program development enhanced the value of the Life Center and the benefit it offers the community. As such, the Township will continue to be viewed as a place that fosters community development and relationship building.

Design Challenges

One of the biggest design challenges was related to security control. It was crucial to the client to monitor building access from a single desk location to enhance safety and security. As such, our firm made sure to place the main reception desk at the heart of the building. We also utilized an intentional building curve in the main public hallway to allow visual access to all three entrance points into the facility. Lastly, a full video surveillance system was incorporated to provide reassurance to the public that they are entering a safe and controlled environment. These design strategies reduced the need to hire additional staff to monitor the building.

Additionally, one of the priorities of the building design was to create a lobby that was sufficient to accommodate a full bus load of guests. The client felt it was crucial to have enough check-in space to accommodate large groups of people from the community. Since all programs at the facility are scheduled, seniors typically arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of a program. Our team intentionally designed the front desk for rapid check-in, which ensured that visitors could make it to their scheduled programs on time. Six check-in points with bar code scanning capability was incorporated into the design to accommodate this need.

Building Features

From expansive multipurpose rooms to an eye-catching gymnasium, Warren Township Senior Center was artfully designed. Each area of the building was developed intentionally so that it embodied both form and function.

In Summary

Kluber Architects + Engineers’ redesign of Warren Township’s Senior Center ensures that the facility will have more opportunities for group activities, events, and more. Without their new vision, the Senior Center would not have been able to offer as much value and resources to the community. Our firm is dedicated to enhancing facilities and improving a building’s lifespan. To learn about the other projects our firm has worked on, click the button below.

  • Client

    Warren Township

  • Location

    Warren Township, Illinois

  • Year Completed


  • Services Provided
    • Architecture
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Safety & Security
    • Structural Engineering
  • Awards
    • AIA NEI 2023 Design Award
Warren Township Life Center Exterior
Warren Township Life Center Exterior
Warren Township Life Center Exterior
Warren Township Life Center Exterior
Warren Township Life Center Interior
Warren Township Life Center Interior
Warren Township Life Center Interior
Warren Township Life Center Interior
Warren Township Life Center Arial View
Warren Township Life Center Arial View
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