Village of Roscoe Police Department Facility

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Entrance of Roscoe Police Station
Project Details

In 2015, Kluber Architects + Engineers worked with Roscoe stakeholders to perform a Space Needs Analysis and Building Assessment of the existing Police Department Facility. After the analysis was complete, Kluber was tasked with designing a new police department facility, based on conceptual designs created as a part of the study. The design included a mix of new construction with a build-out of the existing Village Hall and the old police department building was demolished.

The design of the new 6,800 square foot facility included administrative offices, new locker rooms, a lobby area, a firing range and a patrol car garage. It was a privilege to see this project come to life, as conceptual design images turned into a brand new facility that will serve the needs of the Village of Roscoe Police Department for years to come.

  • Client

    Village of Roscoe

  • Location

    Roscoe, Illinois

  • Year Completed


  • Size of Project

    6,800 Square Feet

  • Services Provided
    • Architecture
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
Entrance of Roscoe Police Station
Police cars parked Infront of Vehicle Bays
Police cars parked
Plaque near the entrance of the building
main hallway inside the police station
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