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A quality building design should always consider the structural integrity of the facility.

The value of Kluber’s design team is distinctly amplified by our in-house team of structural engineers, setting us apart from the competition. Unlike other firms, we don’t outsource critical structural expertise. Instead, it resides in our core team. Structuring our team in this way translates to faster decision-making and unparalleled quality control. With our structural engineers working side-by-side with our architects and other designers, we seamlessly integrate structural considerations into every project, ensuring our designs meet safety and compliance standards and achieve high levels of efficiency.

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Comprehensive Design

One of the greatest differentiators of our firm is the clarity of our design drawings and how they encompass all areas of your building. Our structural engineers consult on each of our projects to ensure our designs are buildable and safe.

Faster Decision-Making

By not outsourcing our expertise, the time it makes to make critical decisions on your project is drastically reduced. What would otherwise take days of collaboration can be reduced to mere hours, due to our integrated nature.

Unparalleled Quality Control

The integrated nature of our firm means that our structural engineers work alongside other qualified professionals throughout the duration of your design. Having extra sets of eyes who have designed hundreds of facilities adds to our accuracy and perspectives.

Elgin Community College - Health and Life Sciences Building

Elgin, Illinois

David G. Dominguez Municipal Center

Johnsburg, Illinois

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The Details

There's more to design than what meets the eye.

Behind the walls of any well-designed building is the hard work of a structural engineering team. Similarly, embedded within each of our projects is the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our structural engineers. Many of our engineers have direct experience working in the trades, which means they know how to build what they design. Having this working knowledge leads to extremely clear drawings, strong relationships with the contracting community, and efficient projects overall.

A Dedicated Engineering Team

Building better systems at the start.

Our structural engineers are part of our broader engineering team who ensures the safety and functionality of the spaces we design.

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Forging Trust with every client

“I highly recommend Kluber Architects + Engineers. They have exceeded our expectations and listened to our needs, and responded with suggestions to keep costs to a minimum. They provided excellent oversight to our projects once they were underway to ensure the work was being performed according to specifications. I would not hesitate in hiring them for future projects.”

G. Kevin Davis
Former Administrator, Messenger Public Library
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