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Our commitment doesn’t end when your project is finished.

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Our profound understanding of building systems guides us in crafting designs that are not only comprehensive but also exceptionally clear, ensuring seamless integration of form and function.

Kluber Architects + Engineers prides ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of design services to meet diverse client needs. From generator replacements to mechanical improvements, our team is dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that suit your budget. Whether you’re looking to transform an existing space, embark on a renovation project, or construct a brand new building from the ground up, we have the expertise to guide you through every step of the process.

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Mechanical Engineering

At Kluber, our mechanical engineering team is comprised of licensed experts who bring innovation to the forefront of every project. Our passion lies in turning ideas into exciting realities and raising the bar for excellence.

Electrical Engineering

With an on-staff Certified Energy Manager (CEM), our electrical engineering team has the diverse and detailed experience to tackle any project head-on. From fire protection system upgrades to switchgear replacements, our team has done it all.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering team’s diverse experience allows them to approach each project with a problem-solving mindset. Whether it’s the failure analysis of a building or determining the best way to approach a structural design, you can rest assured that they’ve seen it all.

Pickerill Estate House

Yorkville, Illinois

Fox Valley Hands of Hope

Geneva, Illinois

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The Details

What makes Kluber's engineering services different than the rest?

Kluber’s reputation in th has been built on our ability to work on complex projects that require intense collaboration, problem solving, and creativity. Our work on engineering projects is no exception. Some other areas that make us stand out from the crowd include:

Our Dedicated Team At Kluber, there will never be a revolving door of team members where you’ll never know who you will work with next. Our design team consists of extremely committed, talented individuals who have a deep understanding of our firm’s culture, values, and commitment to excellence.

Our Collaborative Approach Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our designers work closely with you to understand your vision, needs, and preferences. Our team believes the best results come from a partnership between our expertise and your unique insights.

A Client-Centric Focus You are at the center of everything we do. For that reason, we prioritize your long-term needs for your facility and put you in the drivers seat for your project. Kluber does not have a “design type,” but rather, a commitment to designing what our clients truly need.

Our Approach

Engineering for the future.

Our team of seasoned engineers brings a wealth of experience to every project, from intricate HVAC system designs to cutting-edge electrical systems that power our communities. We thrive on the complex, the intricate, and the challenging, and we thoroughly enjoy transforming buildings so they are comfortable and safe.

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Forging Trust with every client

“Many of the projects completed by Kluber over the past few years have involved working on an active college campus with many adjacent spaces still in use. This required coordination with multiple users and detailed review of the existing spaces. Once completed, the new spaces have met the demands of the facility and staff. The Kluber team kept us informed and worked with our internal team throughout the entire design and construction process.

Rick Lyman
Joliet Junior College, Mgr. Construction/Facility Planning
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