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Kluber Architects + Engineers is an integrated, values-driven architectural and engineering firm that forges trusted relationships with our clients, produces inspiring outcomes, and exceeds expectations. We practice our civic responsibility, demonstrates leadership in the communities we serve, and sustain built-environments for the long term.

As a full-service architecture and engineering firm, we offer many services to our clients. Our expertise in the areas listed below benefits our clients by providing them with a one-stop-shop for their architecture and engineering related needs, questions, and projects.

Who We Serve

We do not offer single family residential services at this time.

What We Do

Kane County Illinois Architecture


Our firm has practiced architectural design for over 30 years. Whether it’s designing new buildings from the ground up or providing roofing consults, Kluber Architects + Engineers is comprised of experts who know the industry like the back of their hand.  Our team of design professionals is deeply committed to serving as leaders in their individual fields and consistently exceeds the needs and expectations of their clients with innovative, sustainable, and award-winning projects. 

Kluber Architects + Engineers will be your partner and advocate. Our commitment doesn’t end when your project is finished. Instead, we’ll be here to guide you through maintenance, improvements, and future renovations.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering

Some of the most critical components of a building involve the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Our knowledge of these building systems guides our clients in making better choices moving into the future, educating them along the way. 

Our commitment to efficiency is demonstrated in each of our projects, and is backed by over $1 million in energy rebates that have been given directly to our clients. We’re proud to have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff, in addition to a Certified Energy Manager, to provide the professional guidance and competence that is necessary to enhance a building’s sustainability and efficiency.

Kane County Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Kluber Architects + Engineers has a passion for sustaining built environments for the long term. That’s why we have in-house structural engineers who are experts at both designing the structural engineering of brand new buildings and repairing or replacing the components of an existing one. 

Simply put, our staff has the knowledge, communication skills, and experience it takes to deliver a successful project. Structural engineering has been one of our core focuses since our firm’s inception, and you can rest assured knowing that Kluber Architects + Engineers is considered as one of the top trusted experts for structural engineering in Illinois.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The scope of our services stretches beyond traditional architecture and engineering. We are proud to prioritize safety and security in the work that we do, which is why we have an in-house Safety and Security Designer who is available to advise on our projects.

Whether you are looking to implement a formal security system or you’re simply searching for safety recommendations for your building, our staff is trained to assist with your project. Click the button below to learn more about our safety and security philosophy!

Facilities Maintenance Planning in Kane County Illinois

Facilities Maintenance Planning

Kluber Architects + Engineers has performed countless facility condition assessments during our 33 years in business. These critical analyses are designed to consistently improve a building over time. A true high-performance building can be achieved through the use of a whole building analysis, and our expert team has the training and attention to detail that is necessary to complete an accurate and reliable maintenance plan.

The goal of facilities maintenance planning is to create a building that is both sustainable and cost effective over its entire lifecycle. Kluber Architects + Engineers is not only trained in completing detailed facilities maintenance plans, but our team also has the expertise to accurately prioritize building repairs based on urgency and life safety needs.

And More!

Kluber Architects + Engineers takes pride in providing clients the resources they need to extend the life of their buildings. From capital planning to life safety services, our team has the expertise to evaluate and implement numerous building system needs. Even if it’s not on this list, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm to see if we’re a good fit for your project.

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