Intertech Diageo Packaging Line

Renovation | Industrial/Processing | Private

In 2022 Kluber Architects + Engineers was hired by InterTech on behalf of their client Diageo, to prepare Construction Documents for the implementation of a packaging line at their new facility.

The project consisted of architectural, electrical, plumbing, and structural engineering services. Some specifics of the project included:

  • Review of exiting around the new packaging line
  • Two new floor and sump drains
  • Coordination with geotechnical consultant
  • Foundation system for five new robots for packaging line
  • Housekeeping pads for free-standing electrical distribution panels
  • Review the proposed hanging loads for the plumbing and electrical to be supported from the existing roof framing members
  • Slab removal and re-placement from new underground plumbing
  • Provide power from the source to single distribution, centrally located near the packaging line
  • Lighting over new racking and packaging line