Village of Lincolnshire – Londonderry Lane Security Gate

Renovation | Government
Project Details

The Village of Lincolnshire asked the Kluber Architects + Engineers team to design for the installation of a security gate at the Londonderry Lane material storage site to keep the site secure. There had been security concerns regarding public accessibility of the site, so the Village wanted to have more control and safety measures in place to ensure the area could not be widely accessed by the public. The new security gate project coincided with new paving performed by the Village, as well as reorganizing the overall site for better utilization.

Our team worked closely with the Village staff to help them find a more cost-effective solution than what they had originally envisioned, as well as a more practical application for long-term use.

  • Client

    Village of Lincolnshire

  • Location

    Lincolnshire, Illinois

  • Year Completed


  • Services Provided
    • Architecture
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Safety & Security