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Our philosophy for educational design is closely aligned with educators. We want to create spaces that are learner focused and contribute to the kind of world we want for tomorrow. We achieve this through our fully integrated, collaborative team of architects and engineers. As part of the firm philosophy, we facilitate the involvement of your staff, students, educators, and the community in our planning, design, and operation experiences to ensure stakeholder buy-in.

We believe that innovation is our leading competitive advantage. Our 30 years of shared experience with multi-disciplinary individuals increases the level of creativity and brings out the best thinking. Each team member offers an alternative perspective to problems and potential solutions. Providing learning environments that elevate the learners experience, while still managing tight budgets. We are your partners for a bright future.

Our experience in planning and designing learning spaces includes elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and higher educational facilities. We specialize in all different types of educational projects including new construction, renovations, additions, master planning and life safety surveys.

Elevating Students Through Your Facility

The Health and Life Sciences Building at Elgin Community College is an award winning design built around the special needs of a state-of-the-art education and training facility. The documentary video tells the story of how the Health and Life Sciences building is positively impacting the school, its students, and its graduates. A team of student videographers produced the film and featured interviews with staff and students describing their outstanding learning experience at ECC. Read More.

Oswego School District 308 established a business relationship with Kluber Architects and Engineers approximately 20 years ago.  To date, we have completed many successful projects together.  During that time, our District has grown from 6 schools to 23 schools and Kluber has had a positive impact on many projects during that expansion.
Bill Bauman

Former Director of Operations, Oswego School District 308

The Kluber team demonstrated great expertise in all aspects of the architectural design: mechanical, electrical, data design, and security systems. They not only knew the most current solutions in all of those areas; they also knew the solution that would yield the most bang for our buck.
John Hutton, Ph. D.

Superintendent of Schools, Gurnee School District 56

Majority of the projects completed by Kluber over the past 5 years involved working around an active college campus with many adjacent spaces still in use by various programs. This required coordination with multiple users and detailed review of the existing spaces. Once completed, the new spaces have met the demands of the facility and staff. The Kluber team kept us informed and worked with our internal team throughout the entire design and construction process.
Rick Lyman

Manager of Construction & Facility Planning, Joliet Junior College

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  • If you would like Kluber Inc. to reach out to you, fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • How Can We Help?

    Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.

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